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Fairy Tales Are Real

I will try to write this, but my earbuds went out in one ear, and it's driving me nuts, thus distracting me.

It's actually a good thing I took these photos a few days back, as this whole week has been gross and rainy/cloudy. I think it's supposed to clear up, which is good, cause' I have quite a few things that I want to wear/take pictures of!
Tank Top - Consignment shop  Skirt - Target  Blue Jellies - Forever 21  Moon Clip - Amazon

I absolutely love this skirt! It's a very pale pink with little sequins all over it! I got it for my birthday a little while back, cause' I'm such an adult. I spent my 21st birthday at work, then came home, ate a bunch of cake, and got a fluffy princess skirt. Honestly, life is so hard for a debutante such as myself. Seriously though, I think working on your birthday is like the opposite of a debutante life. In any event, my skirt is pretty, super fluffy, and goes into a nice poofy circle when I sit. It really aids in m…



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