Young and Tragic

I'm very excited to finally wear this shirt. See, I bought it in like February or March, but it was still too cold for it to be appropriate. Obviously, it got warmer, but I kept forgetting to wear it. Story of my life (I literally have a terrible memory). Anyway, I remembered I had it. And as it was like, 100 degrees, I figured it would now be, in fact, appropriate. Not surprisingly,
I bought it at Savers.I feel like it was $3.99. The shorts are also from Savers. They were actually half-off, so I got them for a little over 3 dollars! Technically, they are probably from the 80s or 90s, but I feel like they have very 1940s retro beach vibes. I actually wore this to the pool. But I mean, a pool is still a body of water, so it's kinda like the beach. At least, it's the closest thing I can get right now.
                                     Shirt - Savers  Shorts - Savers  Boots - eBay  Sunglasses - Asos
I actually cut the elastic band on these shorts. They were tight on my stomach, which I hate. I feel like my food can't properly digest when I have constrictive clothing around my waist. I don't care how cute it looks, if I can't comfortably be at least semi bloated, I won't buy it. Ha, that's a little ratchet pro tip for you.
I was hesitant to lay in the grass for these pictures. No joke, there are tons of ant hills where I live, and the ants have proven to be incredibly aggressive. I'm not sure if they are fire ants, but they seem to love to bite! When I lived on the east coast, they were never a problem. Seriously, if you sit in the grass here, they usually will just start crawling up your legs and biting you. One must always watch where they sit here. That's another ratchet pro tip for you! What can I say, I'm just full of knowledge. XD




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